Health Equity Connections & Accountable Care

Help Us Help Others!

Your Tax Deductable Contribution to HECAC can help us to work towards solving the problem of Health Disparity in Tampa Bay, and build a model program that can be replicated anywhere in the US!

You will also help us to hire the visually and physically handicapped and

give them a well-deserved living wage!

Donation Levels

   Philanthropic Community Champions Clubs
Although HECAC is not a nature/ecology-based​ non-profit, we named the donation levels after members of our Florida nature community. Just like the people in our neighborhoods, cities and counties, the health of each individual in nature a precious commodity, and contribute to the overall health and wellness of the environment and their community. 

Platinum (Estuary) level                                 

Gold (Florida Panther) level

Silver (Dolphin) level

Bronze (Ibis) level

A Friend In Deed

Each donation will be thanked with a gift of art from our community, including lithographs, posters and even original art for our high-level donors. Sorry, NPR got all the tote-bags.

Donations of $1000+


Donations of $500

Donations of $100

Donations of $50

Donations of $25