Health Equity Connections & Accountable Care

I believe the HECAC plan has merit, and feel that any plan that will reduce emergency visit medical costs is worth further exploration.

The healthcare system needs an innovative approach if it is to survive.I fully endorse and support the highly qualified and enthusiastic individuals spearheading this project, which includes Gary J Stein of Health Equity Connections and Accountable Care, and Anne Maynard of University of South Florida’s Area Health Education Center.I truly believe that they can make a difference.

​The to reduce Medicaid costs by improving the quality and delivery of healthcare within a virtual medical home. 

​I encourage your consideration of this worthy cause.tle

HECAC can save Medicaid and other payee systems millions of dollars annually and reduce the impact of uncompensated care on providers and patients.

Individual and Foundation




The Tampa Bay Area alone has over 348,000 uninsured residents.[1]
The numbers of people reaching out for help from the Medicaid and Medicare
systems is growing. Medical costs continue to rise, and yet the health of our
community continues to decline.

​Health Equity Connections & Accountable Care, Inc. (HECAC), a start-up 501(c)3, seeks to improve the health and wellness of Tampa Bay residents through the creation of a web-based portal.

I respectfully offer my support of Health Equity Connections & Accountable, Care, Inc.
[1] Data source: Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance Telephone Survey conducted by the Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology.

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