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Here is a compilation sampling of websites and documents to make sense of the vast and diverse Healthcare and Wellness- but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

HECAC's subscriber and provider libraries will have collections of helpful links from Quality Assurance to Organizational Development to articles and editorials on how American Healthcare can work and where it is failing. Looking for something or have something to share? Contact us.

Health Care Costs

Kaiser Foundation. Health Care Costs: A Primer (May 2012):

CBO. Technological Change and the Growth of Health Care Spending (January 2008):

​D. Cutler and M. McClellan. Is Technological Change In Medicine Worth It?, 20 Health Affairs 5 (September 2001):

John Holahan & Stacey McMorrow. Medicare and Medicaid Spending Trends and the Deficit Debate, New England Journal of Medicine (August 2, 2012);

US Healthcare Payment Systems

Nauman, T. Medicare 101. KaiserEDU.

Rudowitz, R. Medicaid 101. KaiserEDU.
Pollitz, K. Private Health Insurance. KaiserEDU.

Healthcare Access

Kaiser Foundation. The Uninsured: A Primer (December 2010):
Kaiser Foundation. Medicare: A Primer (April 2010): 
Kaiser Foundation. Medicaid: A Primer (June 2010):

Quality of healthcare

Elizabeth Docteur & Robert Berenson, How Does the Quality of US Health Care Compare Internationally?, The Urban Institute (August 2009):
GapMinder World (2012). Find the US on the following graphs by hovering over the circles and compare its performance to other OECD countries (in light green): infant mortality (, life expectancy (

Healthcare Equity and Disparity

Frederic Blavin et al. Uninsurance is Not Just a Minority Issue: White Americans are a Large Share of the Growth from 2000 to 2010, The Urban Institute, (November 2010):
Kyle J. Caswell et al. The Financial Burden of Medical Spending Among the Non-Elderly, 2010, The Urban Institute (November 2012):
Bryon Auguste et al. How Health Care Costs Contribute to Income Disparity in the United States, McKinsey Global Institute (March 2009): (Register for free access, then click download PDF).

Health Care Malpractice

Linda Kohn et al., To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System, Institute of Medicine (2000):

Letter from CBO to Senator Orrin Hatch regarding CGO’s Analysis of the Effects of Proposals to Limit Costs Related to Medical Malpractice (October 9, 2009):

Healthcare Reform and the PPACA

Kaiser Foundation. National Health Insurance—A Brief History of Reform Efforts in the US (March 2009):

Kaiser Foundation, Summary of New Health Reform Law (April 25, 2013),:

Department of Health and Human Services, What’s Changing and When (2012),
Kaiser Foundation (July 2012). “Explaining Health Care Reform: Questions About Health Insurance Subsidies

Genevieve M. Kenney et al., Opting Out of the Medicaid Expansion under the ACA: How Many Uninsured Adults would Not be Eligible for Medicaid? Urban Institute (July 5, 2012),

Kaiser Foundation. the Cost of Not Expanding Medicaid (2013)